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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 20 April

The Weekly for 20 April

  • Remaking The Birds - This is making me twitch.
  • Orson Welles's The Other Side of the Wind - A thoroughly comprehensive MetaFilter posting that collects all the informative links one could possibly need about the imminent finishing and unveiling of Welles's lost film. And by "one," I probably just mean "me," but there you are anyway.
  • The Gender Genie - I have done this four times, and every result returned the overwhelmingly positive conclusion that I am male. Whether this speaks more about me or the algorithm I can't say.
  • Mac/PC Slash Fanfiction - I try not to repost a lot of BoingBoing, but this link absolutely has got to be on my own website.
  • Mom Was a Punk Rocker - "Recently, my son unearthed some photographs of me taken during my punk days, and he was clearly impressed. 'Mom! You were so young and cool!' To which my husband replied, 'Yeah, and when someone tries to insult you by saying "Your Mom wears combat boots!" you can say, "Yes, she did!"'"
  • Dear Mr. Goldspink - Anyone want to go to Florida with me and buy this guy a beer?
  • Why The Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics - Words about 9/11, well-adapted to this past week's tragedy. Let the gun control lobbying and gay bashing begin! Oh, and cult recruiting. Don't forget that.



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