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Deliberatepixel / Quick Ones - Pluto, Bond, and Spiderman

Quick Ones - Pluto, Bond, and Spiderman

Breakfast on Pluto's Cillian MurphyI have had some disastrous dealings as of late with both the United States Postal Service and Netflix (don't worry, I'll fill in plenty of details about it later), so my movie-viewing rate has dropped off considerably. Here's a quick rundown, however, on some of the ones I have managed to see:

  • Breakfast on Pluto - Dear Mr Cillian Murphy: Please come and make more American movies for us. You are delicious. Love, Jen. This film is a modern fairy-tale if there ever were one. I don't mean that in the sense of being trite and happy-ending-ish; I mean it was full of romanticism and humor. It's not perfect, but it is sweet.
  • Casino Royale - Realistically raw was really the only way left to take the James Bond franchise into new territory, and it worked. Helps that they found the right guy to do it.
  • Spiderman - I never got around to watching the first Spiderman movie, and only saw it for the first time this past weekend. It didn't exactly pump me up for this week's release of the third installment. Most of it didn't provoke any reaction at all, except for Mary Jane, whom I hated unequivocally. Towards the end of the movie, when she was shrieking her head off yet again, all I was thinking was, "Okay! You're in mortal peril. Again. We GET it. I won't even ask that you do something outrageous like develop a bit of character - just please shut up." And so considering one of the main character's main motivations was MJ, I had a hard time sympathizing. The only part I liked was Evil Willem. Which is not an unusual occurrence.

In the GreenCine queue: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Children of Men, and The Proposition.



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