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Bringing out My Inner Hearst

textToday's entry is a bit late (5:45 AM, instead of midnight before - probably only my fans in Japan will even possibly notice), and decidedly less formal. This serious publishing thing is hard work. But fun work - I wish I could devote myself to publishing for the web exclusively. I could branch out into audio and video content, develop some new projects, lengthen my articles. All just about things that interest and amuse me. My advertising base would number about three.

When I was in my early teens, I created my own magazine. A literary magazine, actually. I used my mad WordPerfect desktop publishing skills to format and print it out. It was an odd mixture of short fiction and essay, complete with special asides for quotes and calendar dates. I think I managed two issues before it got too useless to continue. I don't think I even ever showed it to anyone. I just liked making it.

In that light, I suppose it's not very surprising I enjoy working on a website like this one. It's going to take a while to regularize the schedule, and find a way for everything to flow together. But I'm having fun with it. It's strange how those impulses (i.e. making an early teen zine) will manifest themselves years later without warning or direct encouragement.

With the recent Minneapolis Star-Tribune shake-up, especially as evidenced through the eyes of columnist James Lileks, there's been cause to think about publishing lately. Ever since the internet began, I'm sure there's been terror in the newspaper (and the traditional media in general) business, but it's reached a point where they really can't hold out in any longer. There is an entire generation of people out here who never touch a newspaper, and not wholly on the grounds that news on the internet is just easier. It is easier, but it's also much more in the reader's control. Via the web, I can get different takes on stories from publications all over the world. I can find hundreds of magazines with just as many different opinions and views. I can find blogs and articles written directly by people involved in stories. I can get it at any time, in any place.

And if I so desire, I can create my own publication, and publish it to the entire world.

Who would ever want to go back?

Anyway, to update on a project I introduced earlier this week - I'm transferring my Alice in Wonderland blog into Tumblr format. Eventually, the Tumblr version will live at the original address here on, but I have to wait for my host to make some DNS changes.

I'm really enjoying Tumblr, by the way. I've been considering starting a "tumblelog" for a while, for experimentation's sake, and I thought the scrapbook approach suited my Alice project. It's insanely easy to begin and customize, and a lot more visually interesting than a blog.

Contact form is working now, also by the way. Use it wisely.



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