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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 11 May

The Weekly for 11 May

  • Open Source Cinema - "Open Source Cinema is a collaborative documentary project to create a feature film about copyright in the digital age. We want you to create parts of the film." And from the manifesto: "Every time we copyright a work, we are robbing from the Commons. We are denying others the freedom to share the ideas we have given life to. We are denying others the freedom to build on our ideas." I've always clashed opinions with other writers who were scared to release their work on the internet. I never felt that. Ideas want to be free. If they help to expand another's mind, what does it matter if they're credited to me or not?
  • A Conversation with Adrienne Shelley - Wonderful seven-page interview with the late writer/director.
  • Dr. Baird and the Opossums of Truth - Filling a previously unfilled niche - scientific gospel music.
  • VOCO Clock Downloads - I am having an inordinate amount of fun with these free clips of Stephen Fry as valet.
  • Intralibris - A blog about things left behind in books.
  • Wexner Mixtape #1 - Includes the new Bright Eyes release. I've never been much of a fan, but for some reason I'm loving "Four Winds" immensely.
  • Soderbergh's Third Man Commentary - Almost forgot my customary Welles link - here's a bit about Steven Soderbergh's commentary track for the upcoming The Third Man re-elease. Commentary, whatever, I'm just excited to see anything about The Third Man. They couldn't re-release it enough for me.



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