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Deliberatepixel / Your Friday Weather & Atheist Report

Your Friday Weather & Atheist Report

Not you too ...First off, it's the end of the week. I'm not dealing with needy, co-dependent software programs anymore. Adobe, you and I are on a break.

Well, maybe just a little Photoshop. But that's it! I'm not going to let you make me hate myself on the weekend.

In other news, it's warm, sunny, and half the staff in my office seems to have disappeared. I'm sure the former part has nothing to do with the latter. And none of it will have any bearing on how long I stick around today. No siree.

My lofty goal of publishing thought-provoking Daily articles has taken a sharp downward turn, as it would seem. It's been a long week. Next week, I'll write something obnoxious about that whole MPAA thinks smoking is icky announcement that's been ticking me off today.

So when I was doing the intensive and highly academic research yesterday for my study on the fates of aging 90's alternative rockers, I came across a somewhat amateur list of atheist musicians at the Atheist Alliance. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of this is. Do they think that someone who believes in God will read their page, smack his/her forehead, and exclaim, "You mean my absolute favorite musician and personal hero Barry Manilow is an atheist? Wow, I must be totally off the mark. Time to rethink - from now on, God is dead to me." God probably doesn't want someone that easily swayed (or, if there's any divine justice whatsoever, someone who likes Barry Manilow, period) believing in Him/Her anyway.

Also, I think this atheist musician list includes a few entries whose atheistic stance should probably go without saying. For instance, do you have to point out to me that death metal band Deicide isn't really God's biggest group of fans? And that the Dead Kennedys probably weren't churchgoers? Anyway, I found all that out because previously mentioned, still-hot-even-at-42, Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins is more or less an atheist. And he must be right, because I'm sure if there were a God, he'd be dating someone like, oh, me, and instead he is dating Vanessa Carlson. What the hell.



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