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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 18 May

The Weekly for 18 May

  • Andrew Sullivan Takes Ron Paul Seriously - I've decided to champion Ron Paul for the time being. Further exposure has presented him to me as principled and knowledgeable. What a novel concept for a politician. I respect him, even if I don't agree with every single thing he says (which numbers maybe two things anyway). And it seems he's getting a raw deal in the respect department from everyone else.
  • Ron Paul on Bill Maher - I like how exactly Bill describes himself as a libertarian in this clip. Here's a new title suggestion in the spirit of South Park Republicans - Bill Maher Libertarians. I'd join.
  • Microsoft Threatens Patent Violation Charges Against Open Source - Oh, so they're becoming the RIAA by going after the little guys. Fantastic.
  • Nice Grave! Think I'll Do a Little Dance on It - Reason rounds up reactions to Jerry Falwell's death from Christopher Hitchens, the Westboro Baptist Church, and Larry Flynt. The Teletubbies have so far declined to comment.
  • Ian Curtis Biopic at Cannes - Wait, how did I possibly miss hearing about this before? A biopic of Joy Division's Ian Curtis? Samantha Morton? An obviously awesome built-in soundtrack? This is going on my must-see list so fast.
  • Feminism Benefits Us All - "If men were smart, they wouldn't fight against feminism. They would embrace it for what it really is: Humanism. (And stop fretting over whether the term 'feminism' is exclusory; its principles aren't.)"
  • Worse than Failure - Curious perversions in Information Technology.
  • Only 7 Band Names Remaining - Hurry! Supplies are limited!
  • The Only Way Is the Wrong Way - WaiterRant is always a great read. This post, though, is especially thoughtful.



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