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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 25 May

The Weekly for 25 May

  • More Ron Paul & Bill Maher - Whoa. AlterNet is now standing up for Ron Paul. When the progressives start speaking up in defense of a Republican candidate, we probably should be paying some attention.
  • Bill Maher's Forthcoming Film - More Bill Maher - apparently he's developing a new documentary on religion. I'm down with that from the get-go, even before the positive reviews.
  • Iran Protests 'Persepolis' - "This year the Cannes Film Festival, in an unconventional and unsuitable act, has chosen a movie about Iran that has presented an unrealistic face of the achievements and results of the glorious Islamic Revolution in some of its parts." I can't speak for the movie yet. But the graphic novel it's based on is great.
  • Passive-Agressive Notes - I found quite a few odd and funny blogs this past week. Here's number one.
  • Pictures of Walls - With stuff written on them. Much more interesting than it sounds.
  • Wrong Kmiller Gmail - Wish I would have thought of this one. I have a very similar address and get just as much whacked-out email.
  • That's My Girl - Messing with Craigslist's Missed Connections. As if MC wasn't enough fun as it is.
  • Do You Have Your Towel? - What hoopy frood doesn't? Rest in peace, Mr. Adams.
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