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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 01 June

The Weekly for 01 June

  • Cannes Winners - Another Cannes came and went. Here's who took away the honors.
  • Where Are the Women Filmmakers at Cannes? - The Guardian asks.
  • Filmmaker Jane Campion Answers - "I just think this is the way the world is, that men control the money, and they decide who they're going to give it to."
  • Book Burning for a Cause - I get this guy's point. He realized he wasn't even able to give away his store of books because demand was so small. But I'm not sure burning them in protest is the way to go. I can't abide burning books, for any purpose whatsoever - it just makes my stomach turn. I'm also not entirely satisfied this man exhausted his options. There are so many online services for finding books new homes, not to mention international donation to less-privileged areas. I can't believe that if you looked long and hard enough, you couldn't find someone who would appreciate free books. I agree that our culture should encourage more reading. But disrespecting books isn't the way to teach that.
  • Web 2.0 Sales - now belongs to CBS, and StumbleUpon to eBay. I don't exactly fault the creators for cashing in, but I'm nervous about either application coming out for the better with their new overlords.
  • She'll Drink to That - Not only does 70-some-years-old Barbara Holland drink, smoke, swear, and loaf, she writes books about the joys thereof. She's feisty. I like her.
  • Migrant Mother - I've always enjoyed going through the Farm Security Administration photograph collection, the images commissioned by the government to document the effects of the Great Depression. It's a fascinating view of everyday people and their struggles. This link compiles information about one of the most famous photographs of the collection.
  • The Rest of Everest - Video podcasts that fill in the gaps of a 2005 Everest climb documentary.
  • Discovering Orson Welles - Back to the Welles links. This one is about a new book. Good commentary on how the views of Welles are changing for the better.



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