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What Am I Doing? A Consideration of Twitter

I'm trying hard to do this Twitter thing. I'm not sure quite why. I'm still teetering on the edge of the "it's useless/it's awesome" debate. I can't really decide which it is, and somehow I've also determined that I can't decide until I've at least tried to utilize it as fully as possible.

So I stubbornly press on. I've been managing to update it mostly every day. But my life isn't all that exciting. I go to work full-time. I take care of my daughter most of the rest of the time. I work on my computer at home whatever time is left over. In the tiny spaces in between, I run, I do necessary shopping and cleaning, I keep up with family and friends. Sometimes I take a break to watch good movies. And there's a few other regular, slightly amusing activities. Repeat ad infinitum. It's not bad. In fact, it's great for right now. But it doesn't really make thrilling Twitter posts.

(Just for the record, example thrilling Twitter posts might include: Squashed the sea monkey uprising this morning, made the world as we know it safe for yet another day. Or, Lunch with Prince today. Must remember to bring that cheesecake recipe he asked for.)

Twitter is essentially a micro-blogging platform, which is another reason I'm probably having a hard time getting into the habit. I like to write more than one-hundred-forty characters. (Obviously.) And I like to write about my ideas and opinions more than I do about myself and my daily doings. But it's also exactly for those reasons, I see a use for a quick micro-blog update on real-world Jen stuff.

Like many Web 2.0 applications, Twitter works best with a large group of users. Unlike other apps, though, Twitter also works best with a group of users you already know. That way you can keep up with them in these rather context-less news bursts. I know that is something which can be useful to me, because I've experienced it in the form of status changes on Facebook, which many of my real-world friends do use. But Twitter allows so much more flexibility and control than Facebook statuses do.

What's the real message I'm sending here? Basically, everyone, join Twitter and justify my Twitter existence. And in order to justify your Twitter existence, I'll either work on leading a more exciting life or making better things up.



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