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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 22 June

The Weekly for 22 June

  • Citizen Kane Leads Godfather in Top 100 Movies - Not that the AFI list ever really means anything. Frankly, I'm mystified by the sway Kane holds over popular movie criticism. But these type of lists are not as much about a movie's merits as they are about its current cultural perceptions, which turns on a variety of different factors.
  • The Modern Auteur - Speaking of auteurs - a great, down-to-earth description and defense of a much misunderstood artistic term.
  • Senior Girls Realize College Dreams - Girls, Inc. is an awesome org. They recently celebrated the high school graduations of 25 college-bound girls who've overcome disadvantaged backgrounds with "college showers" - the equivalent of baby or wedding showers for those who have chosen different paths. Very cool.
  • Okami: A Lesson in 'Games as Art' - I love this game, for exactly the reasons outlined here.
  • A Few Words with Doo Sung Yoo - We Make Money Not Art talks with robotic/organic artist Doo Sung Yoo, who recently showed his senior exhibition here at Ohio State University.
  • That's What Little Boys Are Made of - There's been quite a feminist flap, and then backlash against said flap, about the new Dangerous Book for Boys. Cathy Young untangles it all.
  • Vinyl Data - A collection of information on past record releases that contained rudimentary computer games.
  • Female Astronaut Sets Record - As of last Saturday, Sunita Williams is the new record holder of longest single spaceflight for a woman.
  • Review of The Limits of Darwinism - A deliberate, detailed ripping of one of the most prominent intelligent design proponent's latest book.
  • The Betrayal of Adam Smith - Finally, someone separates the economics of libertarianism from the economics of corporate libertarianism. So many modern liberals and anti-capitalists willfully misunderstand this. Another reason why the term "classical liberal" probably more accurately describes many libertarians.



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