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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 13 July

The Weekly for 13 July

  • "There Are Too Many Stupid Girls" - Harry Potter's Emma Watson seems pretty down-to-earth. It's refreshing to see her talk about her dedication to her studies and how she likes playing Hermione because she's smart, in comparison to the young women that have lately dominated our media.
  • Hatshepsut Found? - An interesting fact about me is that my first love (and college major) was history, with a special interest in ancient and classical history. So I was stunned that it took me so long to hear the news of the possible discovery of the tomb of Hatshepsut, the only woman to ever rule Egypt as pharaoh and probably one of the most powerful women who ever lived. There will be a Discovery Channel special about this Sunday. She was a fascinating figure - read more here.
  • Douglas Adams Speaks about the "Artificial God" - Brilliant.
  • 15 Freeware Programs for Filmmakers - A couple of them are actually shareware programs, but all look potentially useful.
  • An Open Letter to All Toddlers - "You're not going to be toddlers forever. Pretty soon, that "being cute" thing is going to start wearing a little thin. You're going to need to back it up with some serious substance. After all, the world is filled with formerly cute kids who couldn't quite cut it at the next level. If you want all this continued love and affection, you're going to need to raise your game."



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