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Cause of the Month: FilmAid International

The Cause of the Month is a little thing I do to increase exposure of a particular charity or organization I think is worthwhile, and I feature a new one every month. I also donate a minimum of $10 in cash or needed supplies to each cause. You can help the causes you find important in a variety of ways: 1) donate yourself, 2) link to my article and/or the charity's own website on your site, or 3) suggest an organization for a future month's cause.

FilmAid International in AfghanistanLike last month with the Camel Book Drive, this month's cause is one that focuses on nourishing minds instead of bodies. And like with books, my personal sympathies with movies and the impact they can have on people's lives runs deep. It's no mystery why FilmAid International has long been one of my charities.

"Diversion is a luxury we afford ourselves without sacrifice. Why would we deprive it from refugees? Sometimes, humanitarian assistance can have a narrow emphasis on only material and physical needs. Timely and appropriate interventions like FilmAid not only have immediate relevance but may help avert a generation of emotional incapacitation..." --Gerald Martone, Director of Emergency Response, International Rescue Committee

FilmAid International's mission is basic: they go to refugee camps and screen movies for children and their families. They've visited areas in Macedonia, Afghanistan, East Africa, and even showed films for survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita along the US Gulf Coast. For some refugees, these are the first movies they have ever seen. For others, it's a welcome reminder of comfort and normalcy. In all cases, it opens a window for audiences to look beyond their current situations towards something better.

FilmAid International is now eight years old and still going strong. If so inclined, you can contribute directly to their cause at their donation page.



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