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Movie Reviews in Future Tense

I've been enduring a movie drought lately. Busy work and life has left my latest Greencine offerings sitting around for weeks now, and if I don't even have time to watch movies at home, I definitely haven't had time to secure supervision for Little One and go to the theater. So, obviously, I haven't had as much to talk about film-wise lately. But then I figured, why let a little thing like not having actually viewed any given movie stop me from reviewing said movie? Therefore, I present a few brief future-tense movie reviews.

  • Stardust - There will most likely be a slip into fangirl mode at some point during this, so consider yourselves warned from the beginning. I've been looking forward to this move for well over a year, and , if the regular updates on its progress I've been reading over at Neil Gaiman's journal for the same period of time are any indication, it's going to be worth the wait. As big of a film fan I am, I used to be an even bigger reader, so when a favorite novel makes the journey to screen, the inner book snob trumps the film snob - I was originally very wary of this project. Stardust is a beautiful little book. But while I would still encourage, out of principle, anyone to read the book first, all signs point to the movie capturing its essence rather well - primarily because it has author Gaiman's stamp of approval. It also has a fantastic cast, and I'll even reserve judgment of not-my-personal-favorite Claire Danes until I see how she does.
  • Broken English - I'd like to say I trust in director Zoe Cassavetes for more reasons than her last name, but I'm not sure what else I have to go on. This is her first full-length feature, and while I seem to remember seeing her earlier short on Sundance years ago, it (obviously) didn't make a huge impression on me. And, yet, I do trust her. I trust that this film will transcend the typical "aging single girl obsessing over being single" paradigm and become more than chick flick fodder. I trust that the always-trustworthy Parker Posey can help Zoe pull off reflection and introspection without navel-gazing. And if she doesn't? Well, I've made that sort of mistake before (see, Coppola, Sofia).
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I said I was a fangirl. I don't expect to watch it as anything else. The whole series is just for fun, with Alfonso Cuaron's third entry as a notable artistic exception.
  • Becoming Jane - I like Jane Austen, and while I also like some of the 90's barrage of movie versions of her work (Persuasion was the best), I'm a little dismayed at how synonymous her name has become with period-setting romantic fluff, which is what I fear this movie will turn out to be. I have more faith in the talent of actress Anne Hathaway than many another starlet, but the expanding of an almost completely undocumented historical Austen love affair into a feature film makes me think more than a few liberties have been taken with the subject matter. I know little about the director, Julian Jarrold, beyond the fact that he also directed a TV version Great Expectations, which was serviceable. We will, as they say, see.

In other disturbing news: I have yet to watch Children of Men. I think I may have a niche for myself as a film reviewer who only reviews those films that everyone has already seen and don't care about anymore. Maybe next I'll write about 2007's Oscar contenders.



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