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Deliberatepixel / The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol. I

The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol. I

I've put forth a couple of volumes of this before, but they were on MySpace or previous blog platforms, and therefore do not count. Maybe I'll find them and recycle them into later volumes. Right now, however, this is what we've got.

Need a look a like - I need Friday off of work however I have no time left to use and cannot afford to take it unpaid. I need someone who looks like me to stand in and go to work for me for one day only. Needs to be about 5'4" 300 lbs have dark hair and missing one tooth. This should not be hard as my manager doesn't really come by much but if no one is sitting in my seat she may notice. [link]

Basically, if you fit the stringent requirements, you could go and sit all day in a place where you're not a paid employee, and for your trouble, not get paid by the person who is using you to skip work. What an awesome deal. I also like how the poster provided a description that includes height, weight, and dental details, but not his or her gender.

Looking for old, plastic giraffe I am looking for an old, plastic giraffe that I sold at a garage sale in Waldo in 1986 or 87. It stood about 3 feet tall and was white with primary colored spots. It also had pegs on the neck to hang clothes. If you know where I might find it, please email me. Thanks for your help! [link]

Details have surfaced about the giraffe's possible involvement in the 1985 slaying of an entire village of Legos, and he is now wanted for questioning.

Vince Neil/ Sabastian Bach Needed!!! We are a hair metal band in need of a singer. We have shows ready and need you. If you love The House Of Hair Show and it's music you will love our style. No druggies or outrageous EGO's needed thanks. We are a simple band rocking Columbus with all those covers. Please email us for an audition. We are all 35ish but age doesn't matter. [link]

I'm not sure about you, but I'm a little uncertain about my ability to handle someone who combines the incredible talent and coolness of Vince Neil AND Sebastian Bach at once. Can that really be contained in one human being?

Need someone to do my homework for me - m4w - 19 It's just Communications class. [link]

First off, this is in the "Strictly Platonic" section, which means there's no way he/she is paying for this. Instead, the poster want someone to do his or her homework in exchange for the honor of his or her indifferent friendship. I would advise doing that communications homework yourself - apparently you need to build up your skills in that area.

Thanks, C-bus. Same time next fortnight?



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