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Deliberatepixel / Who Was Your First Film Crush?

Who Was Your First Film Crush?

I generally hold a strict anti-meme stance, but very occasionally the right one will hit me in the right mood, and I'll let one slip through. Wiley Wiggins helped do just such a thing with his open question who was your first on-screen crush?

Barring the rather lame mention of River Phoenix as young Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, the first time I recall an actor to have made a serious impression on me was in my early teens when I saw the 1956 Anastasia, with Yul Brenner. I apparently have pretty bizarre tastes to not be memorably struck by an actor until Yul Brenner comes along as a White Russian ex-general turned con-artist who struts around for the first third of the film with riding crop in hand. Oh, and he plays guitar too. So, kind of a 50's Russian version of many disreputable band members I encountered while in college. See how it all comes together in the end?

There aren't many good pictures of Mr. Brenner from this particular film on the interwebs, but you can enjoy the original trailer below.

Oh, and, in the interest of being thorough, there's also The Yul Brenner Cookbook. Food fit for the king and you indeed.

You know, now that I think about the River Phoenix thing, I remember that I also was quite taken by Sean Patrick Flanery in the young Indiana Jones TV series. And yet I never had any overpowering inclination for Harrison Ford. Such is the strange logic of cinematic crushes, I suppose.



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