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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 17 August

The Weekly for 17 August

A late Weekly, to go with the as-yet-to-be-produced podcast. I did in fact write the majority of this Friday, but am just now getting around to publishing it. Enjoy anyway.

  • Crazy for Cult - Tiny bit behind on this, but an art show dedicated to pop culture cult films is always worth a mention. The clip embedded above* is Blair Butler's take on it, including interview with Kevin Smith. The show's website is also offering limited-edition prints for sale.
    *Okay, the clip is not embedding, but the link is here.
  • Back to the Future of the Web - Vitamin asks top designers what we'll be considering the most important aspect of today's web in ten years' time.
  • Girls Drawing Girls - In more "lowbrow" art news, a bunch of talented female animators band together to create this new book of cartoon pinups throughout the ages.
  • Twitter for Good- Like the LA Fire Department, the American Red Cross is now using Twitter to send updates. Reminds me of The IT Crowd episode where Moss sends an email to report a fire, except it doesn't seem to silly anymore.
  • Speaking of The IT Crowd ... - Apparently Season Two drops August 24th. Hopefully it will be online then or not long after.



Kevin · 22 August, 06:56 AM · #

Oh how I love the IT Crowd. It seems like it’s been so long since season one finished. Did you see they are making a US version? Moss is going to be played by the same guy. Let’s hope it goes the same way as the US version of the office.

Jen · 22 August, 07:02 AM · #

I was extremely wary about the US version when I first heard about it, but the fact that Moss is the same actor makes a huge difference. Also, Roy is going to be played by Joel McHale, who I think is funny. So it might work.

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