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Deliberatepixel / An Ode to The Upside Down Show

An Ode to The Upside Down Show

As I pointed out in another post, one of the more dubious joys of parenthood is being introduced to an entire new world of television programming. Some of it is surprisingly creative and worthwhile. Some of it is, well, less so. I've discovered one show, though, that is good enough to be become a favorite even beyond the "kids' show" designation - The Upside Down Show.

The Upside Down Show

The two main performers on the show, David and Shane, act out a variety of storylines with sound effects, invisible props, and considerable physical comedy skills. Which makes sense, since the pair is also known as the comedy duo the Umbilical Brothers. They're adept at sophisticated wordplay and grown-up cultural references - and yet at the same time, they can entertain my two-year-old daughter. Genius, indeed. Not to mention that they accomplish what they do by relying not on computer animation or marketing tie-ins, but only on their and their audience's imaginations.

Even though Noggin has shown a bit of typical television producer lack of intelligence by not renewing the show for a second season, it's still currently running on the channel. Check out the videos on their sites and enjoy. It's okay - I won't tell anyone you're watching kids' shows.



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