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Deliberatepixel / Review: Linda, Linda, Linda

Review: Linda, Linda, Linda

Linda, Linda, LindaLinda, Linda, Linda took a little while to win me over, but in the end it did it completely. It's a charming Japanese teen drama - not to be confused, however, with anything that might come to the minds of mainstream American audiences when it comes to teen dramas. This tale might turn on a fairly unspectactular plotline, which follows a group of schoolgirls practicing their rock band numbers for an annual school festival, and it comes complete with boy problems, the shy exchange student finding friends, and a bit of bad blood between past band members. But it's sincere, and likeable. Also, running underneath its surface is a quiet spirit of youthful rebellion that never becomes a cliche like it might in a less skillfully-done movie. Instead, it keeps it fresh.

If you don't watch a lot of indie or art films, Linda's pace and style might throw you off a little, but stick with it. It ends up in good, old-fashioned, happy rock 'n' roll ending, like all great teen dramas should.



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