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Deliberatepixel / STeaP


My comrades Brandice and Joe have launched a new vidcast about teas called STeaP. Their first episode (embedded above) is all about Earl Grey and proper steeping methods.

This happens to be of particular interest to me, a huge tea drinker notorious among my friends and family for letting tea over-steep. When I drink special loose teas it's generally not much of a problem, but with the amount of tea I drink daily, I more often drink bagged tea, which often gets left in my cup to stew while I'm busy doing a thousand other things. Even lovely little programs like Cuppa haven't been able to save me from this habit. I'm working on it, though.

I've signed on to do some graphic and site design for STeaP, which I'm working on as we speak (... or, more accurately, as I type, or perhaps shortly after I'm done typing). I know there's a lot of big plans for the vidcast, so stay tuned.



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