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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 21 September

The Weekly for 21 September

  • Stephen Fry Is Blogging - And if that weren't awesome enough, he's blogging about gadgets, particularly the iPhone.
  • Ed Burns Releasing Next Movie Exclusively on iTunes - Okay, so I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Burns, which I know knocks my film snob cred down a few notches. But regardless of the film quality, I think this is an exciting idea for film distribution. (Via Daring Fireball.)
  • GreenCine Sold - My favorite DVD rental service is apparently now under new management. No changes expected, though.
  • Ang Lee Cuts Film for China - I mentioned earlier that director Lee refused to cut Lust, Caution to pacify the MPAA. He has done it, however, for the Chinese governmental censors. Congratulations, MPAA - when it comes to censorship you're at least less formidable than China.
  • Kerouac's Hand-Drawn On the Road Cover - Interesting how he signed himself "John." Doesn't have the same ring.
  • Ayn Rand & Buddhism - The Tricycle blog points out a reference to Buddhism in a NY Times article about Ayn Rand's capitalistic legacy: "Rand’s idea of 'the virtue of selfishness,' Ms. Moore said, 'is a harsh phrase for the Buddhist idea that you have to take care of yourself.'" I don't think I've heard about those two particular philosophies (Objectivism, Buddhism) intersecting much. That should be expanded into an article of its own.
  • CMU Professor's Lesson on Life - Rather heartbreaking, but also worthwhile article on Randy Pausch, who has terminal cancer. In his honor, Carnegie Mellon is setting up a scholarship fund for female CS students.



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