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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 28 September

The Weekly for 28 September

  • Buy a Friend a Book Week - Starts its fall edition next week. (Via Lifehack.)
  • 1000 Stories - A German filmmaker is traveling across the States to collect and film stories of Americans, and he's actively seeking interview subjects. He starts in a couple of days, but the form is still active, so suggest away.
  • 20x200 - Gorgeous, affordable art prints, new weekly.
  • Wiley Wiggins @ Fantastic Fest - He's been blogging some great, entertaining reviews of this year's festival.
  • Errol Morris's Blog - Doc filmmaker Morris posts his second entry.
  • AMC Renews Mad Men - I love, love this series. They can renew it for as many seasons as they want.
  • If Women Ran Hollywood - "Executives would assume that both female and male viewers watch TV programs and films with female leads but that only men watch programs and films with male leads. Subsequently, action films would be relabeled as 'dick flicks' and derided for their propensity toward action."

A separate round-up of Burma links, news, and action items is coming next.



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