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Deliberatepixel / Burma News & Action Round-up

Burma News & Action Round-up

As you have probably heard, there's some horrible things happening in Burma as of late. A concise description from the Guardian:

The protests began late last month after the government sharply raised fuel prices - an added hardship for people in one of Asia's poorest and most economically isolated countries.

Arrests and intimidation kept the demonstrations small and scattered until the monks entered the fray. On Sunday, around 20,000 people - including thousands of monks - filled the streets of Rangoon, stepping up their defiance by chanting support for the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ms Suu Kyi has been under almost continuous house arrest since 1990, when the military refused to recognise a landslide victory by her National League for Democracy party.

Within the past week, however, the situation has turned ugly. As of now, the government has cut off internet access, hundreds of monks have been beaten, arrested, and detained, and more deaths are being reported.

Other news and information:

Ways show support for the Burmese people:

If you're into that sort of thing, you can also watch the latest PSA about Burma from Jim Carrey:



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