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Star Wars Viewing Order

Kottke raised a very important question Friday for geek parents: in which order will you show your child the Star Wars movies? I've actually considered this at great length already. There are a lot of movies, books, and music important to me that I look forward to introducing to my daughter as she grows older, but Star Wars requires a game plan. For example, I intend to show her the episodes in original release order. Not only because the "first" episodes are barely watchable in the first place, but because whatever draw they do have is entirely based on their connections to the originals. However, I'm not going to split hairs about original versions vs. remastered versions. Some of the additions are pretty cool, and, sadly, my own cassettes have been lost to time.

I will, though, take pains to explain that in the real Star Wars, Han shoots first.



Brinstar · 30 September, 06:08 PM · #

That is the correct order, of course. :-D

Jen · 1 October, 06:00 AM · #

I think so too. I think if you started watching the first episodes, you’d stop before you got to the originals :)

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