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Deliberatepixel / Harvey Pekar in North Canton

Harvey Pekar in North Canton

Harvey Pekar @ Walsh University, Oct. 15

Comic legend Harvey Pekar will be speaking at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio on Monday, October 15. If only it were a day earlier, I'd drive the necessary two-and-a-half hours - but on a weekday? Alas, this exemplary new employee cannot beg time off to go see an alternative comic book creator speak. Even if it's free. Which it is. Check it out if you can.



beth · 9 October, 04:13 PM · #

Come to Cleveland, you can see him wandering about all the time.

Interesting sidenote:
I recently saw Art Spiegelman give a talk in Cleveland, and Harvey was noticeably absent. Spiegelman made some very pointed, less than friendly jabs at him. I was amused.

Jen · 9 October, 04:25 PM · #

Haha … that’s funny to hear. I’ve heard of several Harvey sightings around town, although never spent enough time there to see him myself.

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