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Shopping with Barbie

Another entry from the Oh-My-God-Am-I-Really-Raising-a-Daughter-in-This-World department: Barbie's Fashion Fever. When my boyfriend and I first saw this advertised during kids' television programming (we're parents of a two-year-old girl, by the way), we both laughed out loud. Albeit laughter tinged with a bit of horrified amazement. You can watch the commercial embedded at the link, but if you'd rather not, it's basically a glaringly pink boutique that comes complete with a card swipe reader and a credit card that "never loses money!" Excellent credit lesson to teach girls, who are already often uneducated about financial issues. Buy all the stuff you want with plastic, and never have to actually pay for it!

Sheesh. If you have to buy a gift for a young girl, I suggest the American Girl Library's great A Smart Girl's Guide to Money instead. Everyone involved would probably be better off, especially the girl in question.



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