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Deliberatepixel / If You're Not Dead, Play!!

If You're Not Dead, Play!!

Last week I posted a link to the 2003 documentary It's Everything and Then It's Gone, which is about the 70's and 80's alternative music scene in Akron, Ohio. After doing a bit of digging, I discovered the director, University of Akron's Phil Hoffman, also made a sequel: If You're Not Dead, Play!!, which covers the second wave of Akron garage bands. I also found out that Hoffman received Emmy nominations for his work on these docs.

"What most surprised me as I created the documentary is that I've become an advocate for 'rock-as-art,'" mused Hoffman. "The average person who considers rock 'n' roll only looks at the musical part. These bands were dedicated to it as performance art -- as theater -- and I have come to appreciate the full artistry of their work."

This doc too is available to watch online.



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