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The Modern Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew, Girl DetectiveThe movie re-imagining of the classic Nancy Drew was pretty lackluster here in the States, but is now seeing its release over in Britain. Diane Shipley, on the Guardian Film blog, has a few things to say about it and its cinematic themes:

So why has Hollywood stripped Miss Drew of her healthy self-esteem? I believe this points to one of Tinseltown's biggest blind spots: single women. Single women on film, especially if they are young, must always be a bit sad - unsure of their own worth and looking to a man for validation.

I haven't seen the new Nancy Drew movie, but I was unimpressed with the previews and reviews. And I'm completely disheartened to think the movie sapped the character of all the poise and confidence I loved her for in the first place.

What makes it even worse is that Shipley is absolutely correct when it comes to Hollywood trends - you don't see women like that on movie screen often. Nancy Drew would have been the perfect opportunity to put one up there. Now, it appears, we'll still have to wait.



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