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Deliberatepixel / Cause of the Month: ENIAC Programmers Project

Cause of the Month: ENIAC Programmers Project

Speaking of series I've neglected to keep up lately, I also missed a month of posting one of my Causes of the Month. I'm going to have to take a quick break from my pledge of personal donations to each cause I feature until after the new year, but I'll still post them, and I'm also planning a large-scale charity effort like I did last year for the holiday season.

Awesome Women ProgrammersAn interesting fact about the first real programmable computer ENIAC is that its first programmers were a bunch of women. You might not have ever heard this. They never got the credit for their work that the male engineers did - which is exactly what a forthcoming documentary is looking to fix. The ENIAC Programmers Project has gathered together not only the stories of these women, some straight from the surviving programmers themselves, to help spread knowledge of their accomplishments.

Google has stepped in to help the documentary along, but there's still a lot of work to be done. You can make donations online or by check to the cause. There's also a fundraiser being held by Google next week, which sounds like it would be a great time. If nothing else, just click on over and learn a bit about some women who helped make it possible for you to do that in the first place.



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