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Deliberatepixel / Virtual Volunteering for 31 October

Virtual Volunteering for 31 October

I recently started adding tags to all of my posts, and when going back through them, I re-discovered my Virtual Volunteering posts. I completely dropped the ball on those, which is a shame because I thought they could potentially be useful. So I'm resurrecting them.

These days, everybody who needs to reach the public or run an organization needs to a great website or computer assistance. Non-profit organizations are no exception. If you're technically and/or graphically inclined with a bit of extra time on your hands, here are some opportunities for you to build up some good karma:

These volunteer listings are mined from and Please check out all the details at the links, and contact the individual organization administrators for more information. If you know of a non-profit volunteering opportunity that would interest tech folk, please let me know and I'll include it in next week's list.



Randy Tyler · 2 November, 12:53 AM · #

Volunteer Online with a Trusted Leader: At the Forefront of Online Volunteering since 1998
Thanks for raising the awareness of online volunteer tech opportunities.

Since 1998, our 77 year-old registered charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services, has been at the forefront involving online volunteers from around the world (from Africa to Asia to the Middle East to New York) to assist us in fulfilling our organizational mission. What do these highly-skilled online volunteers do? They perform a range of diverse tasks, such as professional voice overs (eg, for podcasts, PSAs, video productions), video editing/production, copywriting, Flash design, software development (Perl and PHP), word processing, database development and graphic design (eg, annual reports, posters, brochures) to name just a few tasks.

To learn further information about our leading-edge program, we invite you to visit any of the following:

MYS Online Media Centre

Our online Media Centre includes extensive information about our online volunteer program, such as TV interviews, a list of news sources that have profiled our program, samples of highly-skilled online volunteers’ contributions and a list of international software vendors that have donated their fine software:

“About Online Volunteering” Web Resource and Podcast

An additional source of information is our resource for sharing our successes with other non-profits and charities entitled “About Online Volunteering: Information Non-Profits Can Use (which includes an associated podcast). As a way of promoting our organization and concurrently recognize our online volunteers, we have a South Dakota-based Online Volunteer Audio Producer interviewing our online volunteers which we post as podcacts.

Podcast Interview with Multimedia Designer

In fact you may be interested in listening to an interview with one of our online volunteers that I issued a news release about this week (which was an interview with Dan Tombs, a self-employed multimedia designer). A short excerpt from Dan’s audio interview:

“This is too easy.” said Tombs “... anybody can do this, anybody that’s got … any talent in the graphic arts or video or audio can be a contributor …”, added Tombs.

To listen to John Small’s (as mentioned, John Small, an audio producer from South Dakota, is one of MYS’s highly-skilled online volunteers) Skype to land line interview with Dan Tombs, please download the mp3 file (4.8 MB) from the following URL (or the podcast is available through Apple’s iTunes as well):

Thank you for your interest in our leading and trusted 77 year-old charitable organization.

For further information about an online volunteer opportunity that best matches your skills and interests, please contact:

Randy Tyler
Online Volunteer program Developer/Webmaster
Macdonald Youth Services
175 Mayfair Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3L 0A1
T: 1 (204) 949-4292
Skype: randytyler_canada
PGP Key:

Jen · 7 November, 04:28 PM · #

Thanks for the info, Randy! I’ll be sure to include a link to your site in the next edition of my volunteering opportunites.

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