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Bob Dylan Tickets

Ephemera discusses Mark Scalise's Bob Dylan concert stub archive:

My collection is really about creating a digital archive for Dylan fans worldwide to enjoy, and to share these images which have been freely shared with me. That said, I really love the materials from the 1960s, since they tend to be fairly rare. The Newport '65 stub image made me really happy, and was sent to me by the woman who actually attended the event with that particular ticket. I was thrilled to talk with her and add it to the archive.

Can you imagine being at Newport in '65? I wonder if that woman applauded or booed when Bob plugged in. Or just waited to see what would happen.

I've always saved my own concert tickets, but, ironically, the one time I saw Dylan, I had to turn in my ticket for a wrist band so I could get on the floor. In exchange, though, I got to watch the show from about thirty feet directly in front of the man himself, so I probably shouldn't complain about not being able to hold onto the stub. Very cool site, in any case.



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