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So, What ARE We Women Supposed To Do?

Not even a week after my rant about women being too smart for science, another brilliant version of the same argument comes along, via Feministing: women are also apparently too good for politics. Tucker Carlson says, in response to the low numbers of women in politics:

You could make the counter case that most women are so sensible, they don't want to get involved in something as stupid as politics. ...They've got real things to do.

So, just to recap: women are too smart for science, and too sensible for politics. Aren't we lucky we have dumb men around to take care of all the dirty, unpleasant work for us so we can do "real" things. I don't even want to hear the suggested list of pre-approved real activities women are designated to do.

You know what, if you're going to be a narrow-minded misogynist, then be a narrow-minded misogynist. Don't try to sugar-coat your offensive opinions in a layer of "women are just too good to do what I do" bullshit. At the very least, we can then respect your honesty.

For the record, going back to the original article's statements, we should all be embarrassed at the low numbers of women in American politics, if for no other reason than that the majority of the rest of the world is totally kicking our asses in that department. I'll say it again - instead of passive-agressively rationalizing why the imbalance exists, let's focus on taking positive steps to eliminate it, okay?



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