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I Only Know New MediaAs you may have noticed by the interruption of your regularly-scheduled Daily Show episodes, there's a writers' strike going on in the media industry these days.

As far as direct, immediate consequences for myself goes, I couldn't care less about all this. The only TV shows I watch regularly are well-worn episodes of Law & Order and Mythbusters. Occasionally, I catch a Daily Show rerun myself. Other than that, sorry, not interested.

This situation, though, is not about me. It's not about you, either. It's not even really about those extra four cents per DVD the writers asked the studios for. It's about the future ownership of, distribution of, and compensation for digital media. Because someday here soon, it's ALL going to be digital media. And the studios are scrambling to keep a stranglehold on their unfair dominion over it instead of working with its creators to develop new ways of distribution and compensation.

Hey, studios - guess what? Not treating well the people who make the product you sell is not only ethically wrong, it's very bad for business. If this strike continues, and American television audiences are deprived of original programming for months at a time, you who rely on television are going to see just how bad for business that can be. And if you can't figure out a way to do business within the new media paradigm - which means instead of trying to weasel out of paying content creators for their content, you develop new ways for content to be sold - then you're already dead. And you've already lost.

Support the writers: Teresa Jusino has put together some action items and a sample letter for public use. Also, picture from United Hollywood.

Plus, Hollywood wrote you a letter.



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