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Deliberatepixel / The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol IV

The Best of Columbus Craigslist, Vol IV

Not as many as usual today, but I had better post them before they expire and I get accused of making them up. Like I even could make this stuff up.

Sexy Dwarf Woman at The UA White Castle... - You were behind the counter steaming sliders. I could tell you were high quality by the volume of hydrated onions you slathered on the grill. You were so petite, albeit a little thick. The way your White Castle uniform fit you threw me into a fit of desire, although I'm blind in one eye, I could make out your sexy outline against the backdrop of the onion chip fryers. It was 2:30AM and you were too busy to notice me. Please contact me. link

I wonder about you sometimes, Columbus. I really do.

Hipster guys at the Panera in Clintonville - Man, I had no idea Panera is so scene. Nor did I know that the Beatles had somehow reunited by magic. Thanks for being there today in order to stare down my friends and I as we walked by to leave.

I wish I was as cool as you guys. link

We can only hope they were suitably chastened by the anonymous CL bashing.

Help Me With My PhD Dissertation - I can't believe I'm doing goes. I'm looking for an open minded, articulate, observant female to share dining experiences with me at White Castle restaurants in the greater Columbus area. I'd like to visit every W.C. store in Central Ohio. Working on PhD dissertation on the social aspects of the Slyder experience. Prospective partners must be hungry and into Slyders, Cheese-Slyders, Aero Burgers and Swimmers. A penchant for onion chips would be a plus. You must be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with your mouth half-full of an all-beef burger. If you're a food officianado, appreciate the campiness of the Whitey experience, if you know how many Slyders are in a large griddle, a small griddle and the only day of the year W.C. is closed, hit me up. Your pic gets mine. link

People, what is it with the White Castle? A PhD dissertation on Slyders? What exactly is that prospective degree in?



beth · 9 November, 05:43 PM · #

I can honestly say in all my time in college, I never once was at White Castle without seeing someone puke in the parking lot.

Jen · 10 November, 07:10 AM · #

You should contact the PhD guy. What dissertation would be complete without that anecdote?

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