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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 9 November

The Weekly for 9 November

  • Twenty Years Ago Today ... - Old men complaining about pop culture and rock and roll. Not that I don't agree with several points, because I do.
  • Sexist Humor Is No Joke - Turns out that sexist jokes tend to lead to actual sexist behavior. Who would have guessed that?
  • 101 Cities Ranked on Just About Everything - Seriously, this is kind of crazy. Although I almost wish it were in a searchable database format so you could choose multiple combinations of criteria.
  • Helvetica NOW Poster Contest - Vote for your favorite to celebrate Helvetica's 50th birthday.
  • Current TV's EcoSpot Contest - And if you're in a particularly vote-y mood, you can also vote for this!
  • Speaking of Voting ... - I may myself be an indeterminate shade of dark purple, but I point this article out as a way to challenge Ohio's reputation as a "red" state - which could have lasting implications next year.



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