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Deliberatepixel / Aphra Behn and Time Travel

Aphra Behn and Time Travel

The Guardian book blog sings the praises of radical, unapologetic Restoration author Aphra Behn, and wonders what she would think of today's women writers:

On a previous blog on literary time travel, Aphra Behn was mentioned as someone whom it would be an adventure to visit. But what if we could bring her here, to the present, just for the day? What would she think of a traipse around the bookshops and the writing of noughties women; booksellers' tables groaning under the weight of pastel book covers that, far from defying convention and questioning and confronting, actually conform to the oldest patriarchal conventions?

I'd like to think that her answer would be so bawdy and cutting that, even today, it would be unprintable.



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