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Site News

A few words on the site: I've been making a lot of changes over the past few weeks, some visible, some not. In case you're interested, here's what's going on:

  • I cleaned up my archive list a bit - it had some coding errors that made it unreadable in older browsers - and you can now view posts by category or by tag.
  • Speaking of categories, I've added a couple of new ones: booktalk, to accommodate my increasing reading list, and feminism, which is past due getting its own category. There are also accompanying feeds (see sidebar).
  • Speaking of tags, I've also added keyword tags to each post to make it easier to find certain topics. The archive page has a cloud of them.
  • The search results were not displaying correctly (or at all, rather, which is kind of where the problem came in). I don't suppose this concerned anyone because I never heard about it until I discovered it myself - but it's fixed now.
  • A while back, I noticed auto discovery of the DP feed wasn't working in feed readers. It is now.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is not displaying the site correctly, even with its own special style sheet. I'll put aside the question why you're using IE6 and only say that I'm working on it.
  • Prompted by a blogger mentioning how much he liked to see the other sites other bloggers read, I've created a links page. As I explain on the page, it's only a small fraction of the sites in my feed reader, but the noteworthy ones are there.
  • I tried out a light-on-dark layout and found it didn't suit me. I went back to white and super-simple. I'm going to try to focus more on the writing content instead of the design from here on in. Until I get bored with it.

Also in the works are a few other behind-the-scenes tweaks, a full relaunch of my Firecracker project, and the return of my holiday charity project, all by this weekend.



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