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LitKicks on Amazon's Kindle

I read a lot of technology blogs. A LOT. I've therefore read a lot of smart tech people discussing the pros and cons of the new e-book reading device, Kindle, over the last day or so. But the best, most to-the-point Kindle consideration I read wasn't on a tech blog - it was on a book blog:

... I don't understand why both Levy and James Patterson aren't emphasizing the big gigantic flaw in the Kindle sales pitch. The device costs $400. Nobody will buy it for that price. I really don't see what more needs to be said about this.

... Forget standalone devices. Consumers want their devices to serve multiple purposes - camera, music player, internet browser, phone, organizer - and that's the way we're going to want to read electronic books. If you want to succeed in the e-book business, find ways to make full-length books look good on existing high-end devices (iPhones, Blackberries). Work with manufacturers of lower-end devices (cheaper music players, video players, cell phones) to find ways to make full-length books look good on future versions of these devices too. And then, most importantly ... use the transition to the new format as a chance to reach new readers with new pricing structures.

Sounds good to me.



beth · 20 November, 01:23 PM · #

How many paper books could one buy for $400? A hell of a lot more than that stupid device is worth.

Jen · 20 November, 01:26 PM · #

Not to mention there are these wonderful things called libraries where you can read books for free. The ebook industry has a long way to go.

Brandice · 26 November, 01:53 PM · #

I read a thing in a new magazine about this and I think it’s stupid. Spot on comment about people wanting their devices to do multiple things, and I think once the iPhone starts supporting apps, the eReader app will take off and there’s no way I’m buying a reader-only device with a freaking iPhone as an alternative. Silly. I think it’s a waste.

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