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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 30 November

The Weekly for 30 November

  • MS Explorer Crashes - The joke that writes itself. Apparently the sea gods are web standards/open source/Apple adherents and have a sense of humor.
  • Where Are the Female Designers? - Fadtastic talks to a few well-known female designers to get their thoughts. Zeldman asked that same question back in April, and I don't know if we've gotten a satisfactory response yet.
  • Wonder Woman Gets a New Voice - Comic fans have known for a while that Gail Simone, the first permanent female writer for Wonder Woman, is now on the job, but good to see some mainstream love.
  • Banned Books on the Rise - "When you think about the history of education, going back to Socrates, it's all been about asking questions, arguing over ideas, raising objections and then coming to some kind of resolution. That takes time, effort and hard work. It's much easier to say 'I don’t like this book.'"
  • The Medium Is the Message - Mug shots + witty slogan T-shirts = instant classic.



beth · 30 November, 12:28 PM · #

RE: Female designers.

The problem is the people asking the questions about this are usually the wrong people, or they ask the wrong questions.

How often will an employer actually tell you “You didn’t get this job, raise, promotion, etc. because you’re a woman”?

One needs to compare the compensation and career advancements of men and women in the same positions. I know for a fact at all my previous employers men with the same background or occasionally less experience were always paid more than women, and I don’t even think it was intentional.

The people deciding on wages just assumed the men were more knowledgeable of their field.

Jen · 30 November, 12:35 PM · #

I think you’re right, and it frustrates me so much, because it’s already blindly build into the system. It makes it twice as hard to reverse when people don’t even realize what they’re doing.

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