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Notes on Chandler

With my recent submergence in all things noir (there is in fact a Noir Monday review coming later today, never fear), including both film and print, I've lately picked up some interesting tidbits, such as the 45 Calibrations of Raymond Chandler by horror author Peter Straub:

He invented a first-person voice remarkable for its sharpness and accuracy of observation, its attention to musical cadence, purity of syntax and unobtrusive rightness of word order, a metaphorical richness often consciously self-parodic, its finely adjusted speed of movement, sureness of touch and its capacity to remain internally consistent and true to itself over a great emotional range. This voice proved to be unimaginably influential during his lifetime and continues to be so now. Real earned authority sometimes has that effect.

I believe I've posted this in an earlier blog incarnation, but it's worth posting again.

Also, I discovered an interview with Judith Freeman, who recently published a new biography of Chandler (I mentioned it before here). Not only does she cover the discussion of who Chandler thought was the best Marlowe on screen (like Chandler, I think Bogart was great, but not the best) - but she drops a some news I somehow missed seeing elsewhere:

It’ll be interesting to see what Clive Owen does with the role in an adaptation of Chandler’s Trouble Is My Business, to be directed by Frank Miller.

A Philip Marlowe novella directed by Frank Miller and featuring Clive Owen? That could possibly be fantastic, although IMDB says wait until 2009 for it.



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