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Deliberatepixel / MPAA: "Piracy Is Bad ... Unless We Do It"

MPAA: "Piracy Is Bad ... Unless We Do It"

I don't like the MPAA. I may have mentioned it before. And instances like this are why:

The MPAA's "University Toolkit" (a piece of monitoring software that universities are being asked to install on their networks to spy on students' communications) has been taken down, due to copyright violations. [Via BB.]

Putting aside the whole questionable ethics about producing spyware, we're reminded yet again that the MPAA isn't really concerned about copyright. They're concerned about money. Money for them. Period. This isn't even the first time they've ripped off someone's software. If they were truly the copyright crusaders they make themselves out to be, you would think they would put a bit more effort into upholding those standards when it comes to others' copyrights (and resulting money). In reality, the MPAA is a hypocritical, corrupt organization that inexplicably has an unfair stranglehold on the practices of American film distribution.



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