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Deliberatepixel / The Megan Meier Case

The Megan Meier Case

You probably have heard by now about the saga of Megan Meier, the teenager who was prompted to suicide by the MySpace machinations of several members of her neighborhood, including grown adults. Yesterday, expert on youth and the internet, danah boyd, took a look at the story.

Megan's case leaves me with one major thought: what happens online is real, and just as consequential as what happens in "real life." I wonder, as we progress with this type of technology, if the division we place between our online persona and our RL persona will become greater or, eventually, nothing at all. And which one we should be working towards.



beth · 6 December, 12:24 PM · #

I’d hesitate to call her an expert. Ugh this is that same chick who wrote a terrible paper on class in social networks. It was written like a middle-schooler, and basically proved none of her points. Left a very bad taste in my mouth obviously.

Jen · 6 December, 12:40 PM · #

Well, I’ll admit I’m unsure of how to describe what she does. Professional internet opinon-giver? Although, these days, who isn’t?

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