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Mister Splashy Pants

So, have you heard the saga of Mister Splashy Pants yet? The short version is that Greenpeace hosted a poll to name a whale as the focus of a campaign to stop Japanese whaling ships, the name suggestion "Mister Splashy Pants" was kept in the running as a joke, and once the internet got a hold of it, they made it the winner. The moral: never underestimate the power (and available time, and inexplicable stubbornness) of geeks on the internet.



beth · 11 December, 12:17 PM · #

This reminds me of the longrunning joke never to tell a client about any ideas you don’t want them to use, because that’s exactly what they’ll choose. Also glad to see there’s another Annalee Newitz fan sort of in my neck of the woods!

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