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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 31 December

The Weekly for 31 December

  • DrawerGeeks - My favorite find of the week, this website publishes weekly collections of illustrations of different fictional characters.
  • Michel Gondry - "He's a lot like the boy-hero in the 1953 musical The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T - the only feature film written by Dr. Seuss, and one of Gondry's favorite movies. In it, an evil piano teacher forces 500 children to practice at a gigantic piano 24 hours a day. One boy devises a technique to escape the nightmare. 'The boy and his friend get a pot,' recounts Gondry,' and start to mix everything they can in it. They take a little bone, a little rope, a key, and mix and mix until it becomes gooey and starts to smoke. Finally, they invent this machine that steals sound. I think this way. Just make things and it's going to work. I'll make it work.'"
  • Geeks, Misinterpreted - Some thoughts on the rise of "geek chic."
  • Back to the Future Photoset - Images from the movie set, back in the day.
  • A Blurb Whore Is Born - The Film Experience Blog experiments with truthful movie poster blurbs.

The holidays (and preparations for) interrupted regular posting over the last couple of weeks. Since I'm now a boring parent and have no crazy plans for New Year's, life and the blog will continue as scheduled as of today. I'm also working on refreshes of virtually all my internet projects, and the launch of two more (including the film podcast I already mentioned), so look for everything during the first weeks of the year. Have a fun and safe holiday!



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