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Kimberly Peirce

Last weekend, I saw Sweeney Todd (which I of course loved, and of which I might pen a quick review soon), and was disturbed/intrigued to see the trailer for Stop/Loss.

I was initially disturbed because it looks like a worthy subject - the fallout of the Iraq war on soldiers and their families - but with the Drowning Pool song, the predictable characters, and pretty boy Ryan Philippe in the lead, it seemed a subject that was going to get a quick, Hollywood once-over and leave the real issues unquestioned. Then I saw who directed it: Kimberly Peirce. Hence the intrigue.

Peirce hasn't done much since her debut, Boys Don't Cry, which was about the murder of transgendered teen Brandon Teena. (Hilary Swank won on Oscar for it - Peirce didn't get nearly as much attention.) But I remember the many interviews and articles I read on her at the time, and she's always been fixed in my mind as a very smart, very talented director concerned about social justice, as well as interested about the role of women in the film industry. I wouldn't have expected her to take on a project like Stop/Loss - which is why I'm glad she did, and why I expect it to transcend its lackluster trailer.

Now, Peirce's name is being passed around as a possible choice to direct an adaption of Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, and she says she also working on a script set in the underbelly of New Orleans. It's about time one of the best female directors working in Hollywood these days gets some new projects going.



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