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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 11 January

The Weekly for 11 January



beth · 11 January, 10:35 AM · #

Oh man have you been watching SVU? It’s become over the top ridiculous, like if you were to take a three hour movie and pare it down to 45 minutes, that’s how much sense it makes now. And the guest stars…well I’ve seen better acting in after-school specials.

Jen · 11 January, 10:47 AM · #

Yeah, I was over SVU a long time ago. I always liked CI the best, but it’s gone kind of weird lately too.

Dan · 11 January, 12:24 PM · #

I’m not familiar with Clive Thompson, but I pretty much agree with what he says there. I definitely think it’s important to distinguish between musicophiles and audiophiles.

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