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Me and Orson Welles

Unless you're a dedicated Wellesian film buff like I am, or a tween madly in love with High School Musical star Zac Efron (I don't think I have too many of either running around here), you might not have heard about the forthcoming film based on the novel with the same title, Me and Orson Welles. I hadn't even heard of it until last week, and, once I calmed myself down from the searing panic that resulted from the mention of the teen idol Efron and Welles in the same sentence, I decided to educate myself - first, by reading the original novel.

I'm only partially done with it as this point, but I can say this much - it's a fun story, and perfectly suited to the screen. In fact, the author writes in such a cinematic fashion that he should have skipped the book and just wrote it as a screenplay. Based on the story alone, it should make a great movie. (Bonus - you can read some of it online.)

As unimpressed as I am with Efron, however, I am incredibly impressed with the choice to play the man himself (Welles, of course) - Christian McKay. (Link goes to his IMDB page, because while he does have a website, it only seems to work in Internet Explorer, which means, to us design/standard/OS freaks, it doesn't exist. Sorry, little website. Get some Firefox support, and then we'll talk.) Anyway, McKay, as I learned from this interview, starred in his company's production of Rosebud, a one-man performance chronicling the life of Orson Welles. Not only, by all accounts I found online, did he give a tremendous performance, but he did quite a bit of research on Welles. He seems to have a deep understanding of the director, and a desire to wrest the American image of the director away from the apparent despair of his later years - all of which means I'm already a fan, and already convinced he's going to do a great job with the movie role.

I have to agree with some other critics, though, that the choice of Richard Linklater to direct seems an odd one. Don't get me wrong - I love Linklater, and I'll even defend School of Rock against the most vicious of "selling-out" claims. But he is the last director I would have chosen for this particular project. On the other hand, one of things I admire about his work is his willingness to take chances on material, and, in that light, I think he'll surprise me and everyone else.

As for teen idol? Maybe the fact that I haven't exactly seen High School Musical should stop me from making snide comments about his acting. Unfortunately for him, it takes a hell of lot more than that to stop me from making snide comments. That's why I have a blog in the first place. And I'm irritated that the news about this film is getting passed around as nothing but "Zac Efron's Next Role." Whatever. Just don't mess anything up and we'll be fine, okay, Efron?



Albiku · 6 March, 06:17 PM · #

Hello! I was looking for information about “Me and Orson Welles” and I got here. I just wanted to thank you, because I’m from Spain and I just couldn’t find that book anywhere. I was looking forward to read some of it, and you’ve just given me the opportunity. Thanks to you, I found a shop where I can buy it.
So, thank you.
And that’s all… lol

Oh! I almost forgot. You know, I first watched Efron in a movie called “Miracle Run” where he plays an autistic kid. It was before High School Musical and all, so he wasn’t known. I have to say I was very impressed. He really has talent, although he doesn’t show it in High School Musical. You see, playing a jock who’s living his first love isn’t that difficult, is it?
But again, in Hairspray he did a really good job.
I’m not a teenager, so I’m trying to be neutral here. Just give him a chance. Lots of good actors started as teen idols. And I really think he’s got the talent. As the people who’s worked and is working with him.

Have a good day!

Speak soon!

Jen · 13 March, 11:09 AM · #

I’m willing to give him a chance, really – I just have to have a sarcastic rant first :)

Glad you found the book! Hope you enjoy it.

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