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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 1 February

The Weekly for 1 February

  • Wages in Tech Industry - "According to a recent survey, the wage gap between men and women in the tech industry is growing." There are dozens of real-world stories illustrating this point from women in the comments.
  • Little Black Dress - Counterfeit outfits, for the T-shirt-minded among us.
  • Orson Welles and Me - So now not only is Zac Efron in the film, but the lead female role has gone to the often bland Claire Danes. Are they deliberately trying to see how much ridiculousness I can take and still be willing to go see this thing?
  • Akron Film Festival Workshop Registration Open - If you're in the area and so inclined.
  • It's Time to Overhaul Copyright Law - Standard stuff from Doctorow, but, well, it's not becoming any less true.



Joe · 1 February, 10:54 AM · #

That Akron Film workshop is awesome! I didn’t even know there was an Akron Film Festival let alone free workshops. Thanks!

Jen · 1 February, 10:58 AM · #

I didn’t know about it either, until I stumbled across it recently. I was toying with the idea of attending myself.

beth · 2 February, 01:18 PM · #

I’ve always loved Claire Danes, but there was something about her that was a bit off. You’re absolutely right, she’s bland. Sometimes bland is perfect though.

Jen · 2 February, 01:25 PM · #

This is true. However, the character she’s playing is, at least in the novel, a particularly dynamic and fiery character. She’s not what I would have pictured … but she’s welcome to surprise me!

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