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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 8 February

The Weekly for 8 February

  • Why Men Should Care about Gender Stereotypes - Alex Gibson considers the harm done by stereotypes of men as beer-swilling, emotionally-stunted brutes.
  • Cecil Castelucci Interview - interviews the writer of The Plain Janes.
  • In Defense of Glasses - An ode to eyewear, and the geeks who wear them.
  • Percolator Love - Michael Ruhlman declares his love for the old-fashioned coffee percolator. Since I possess no culinary skills whatsoever, I put all my effort into making awesome coffee, and am therefore always open to suggestions for even awesomer coffee.
  • Bollywood Ghostbusters - Over in India, they're remaking a Bollywood remake of Ghostbusters. Just thought I'd throw that out there.



Steve Felix · 8 February, 04:39 PM · #

I’d probably self-identify as a feminist more often if I didn’t suspect it comes off as a womanizing ploy in its own right. I guess that’s how little I expect to be thought of as a man, yikes!

Thanks for mentioning our film festival last week.

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