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Epic Fail

So, I fully intended to return to full-fledged blogging by the end of the week. Then - disaster struck. My beloved PowerBook (familiarly known as "Jack") developed sudden, serious hard drive issues and promptly died.

The worst part, which is entirely, ridiculously, and shamefully all my fault - not every scrap of data was backed up. I have enough saved remotely that life will go on if none of it can be recovered, but, if that's in fact the case, there is some stuff gone for good. Just a couple of days ago I was checking out Jungle Disk and thinking about getting everything switched to there, but thought I'd do it a bit later. The computer gods watched, and laughed.

I don't have any excuse, because I work in IT - but I have never, ever had a major hardware failure on my own machines. Ever. It lulled me into a false sense of security that being a little lax on my backups now and then would still probably be okay. Needless to say, that won't happen again.

Now, while I can steal a computer here and there for updates, I won't be able to do much writing (or work on the in-progress redesign) until I get my machine back.

I was considering letting go of it, but I really do love this machine - it's a G4 12" PowerBook, and even though it's on the low end of processor speed and RAM, is there anything more lovable in the Apple pantheon? Even though it's an older model, I think getting it repaired is the better option than abandoning it for a slightly better one. The very nice laptop doctors took Jack in with every promise getting him back into shape.

So, please excuse the further blogging lapse for a few more days. I'll be back soon.



Joe · 21 February, 08:10 PM · #

If only I’d pushed a little harder! I knew this was going to happen to someone the minute I mentioned JungleDisk. Sorry.

Jen · 22 February, 08:25 AM · #

Haha – no, it’s entirely my fault. I should totally know better. At least there’s a slight chance they might be able to recover some data.

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