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Deliberatepixel / The Weekly for 7 March

The Weekly for 7 March

  • Girls and Legos - The CEO of Lego claims girls aren't into Legos as much as boys because boys are "genetically" predisposed to building things. Does that mean all those hours I spent building intricate Lego worlds (seriously, I did it well into high school, and they were awesome) marks me as genetically aberrant?
  • New Book from Jack Kerouac - This is unnecessary. I will always have a sincere, romantic fixation on his work, but there has been so much of his stream-of-consciousness crap published since his death that I have a hard time believing this book will be at all worthwhile, even with Burroughs's contributions.
  • NASA Needs To Be Cooler - Very well put. Part of modernizing their image needs to be encouraging more participation from women and minorities (get Uhura back on the job!). It makes me sad that such an exiting field is losing its luster.
  • The Man She Forgot to Google! - Priceless.
  • Oh, and In Case You Missed It ... - Neil Gaiman is now offering a free digital copy of his novel American Gods, a very great book, and it has also opened up some good discussions about free digital content on his blog.
  • And in Related News ... - Trent Reznor released his new album with various download options, including some free, and made $750k in less than a week. Anyone from the record industry listening?



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